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Collaborative Health Network's Digital Ecosystem

Experience Design Strategy and Direction


Design of multi-site digital ecosystem supporting internal staff objectives, provider network outreach and community health objectives. 

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Create a streamlined, user-focused digital ecosystem for network growth and member engagement, creating a more digestible experience for all users.


Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network is comprised of provider members from various organizations who work together to meet quality metrics and improve the health of the community and region. 

The marketing website and member resource hub were in need of experience ownership to align objectives and user pathways, consolidate and simplify information sharing, and create a 2-sided resource hub for members and staff to better collaborate and serve the regional patient population. 


Key Aspects of Process

  • Interviewed users on processes and use cases.

  • Gathered existing user-insights data (limited). 
  • Ran audit of all existing pages on all sites. 

  • Aggregated insights to discuss with program leads.

  • Outlined user objectives and defined solutions.  

  • Consolidated and defined information. 

  • Developed sitemaps and information architecture. 

  • Organized subject matter expert team for reviews. 

  • Defined executive review process and garnered buy-in with regular update cadence and single sign-off named

  • Defined individual site objectives.

  • Outlined user flows in each and between both.

  • Created wireframes and tested prototypes. 

  • Directed development and reviews. 

  • Supported asset audits

  • Evangelized updates and trained staff on how to utilize sites. 

  • Continual process improvement and UX guidance

We defined a guided exploration of resources for new members, a quickly accessible library of assets for more familiar users, and a way to give potential members a taste of the value of membership in one tool. and have created a foundational system on which we can continue to grow the network and improve member's ability to care for patients, and patients' understanding of well care.

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