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Metro App

UX/UI Design for Metro App Concept


Part of a 2-fold project including a physical print map and a digital metro application. Both pieces focus on the personality and history of the city of Barcelona with special attention paid to the user experience of the tourist finding and exploring all that Barcelona has to offer.



Apply printed diagrammatic maps to a handheld device, such as a cell phone or tablet, creating quick and easy user experience for travelers


Create a functional application that satisfies the basic needs of the traveler of mass transportation systems, especially of those visiting and unfamiliar with the city of Barcelona with a goal to quickly and easily visit popular sites around the city.


Create diagrammatic visual material for smartphones that consider the needs of the medium, such as contrast, colors, and typography.


Culture, art, food, leisure, history.


In order to create a visual language for a diagrammatic transportation map that shows the historical and unique characteristics located within the city. The goal is to represent the city within the product while also creating a usable, efficient system that delights travelers and is more than a customary google maps experience. This product should be seen as a virtual tour guide and resource more than just a tool to get from point A to point B. 



Frank Abelman

Frank has recently retired from teaching art at the local community college. He is excited about his new chapter and wants to travel to see some of the things he's been teaching about for years. Barcelona is his #1 destination. He cares a lot about the local art and culture, and wants to possibly, safely meet some locals that can show him unique parts of the city. He doesn't want a fully curated trip because he wants to get to know the culture on a real level. He's also on a fixed income.







to learn

to experience

to see new things

to gain stories

to relax

to meet people


See art

experience culture

gain experience

meet people

travel more


not tech savvy

hasn't travelled

speaks 1 language

likes to "know"


Tourists and newcomers are typically the highest users of maps in cities. Because of this, top attractions in Barcelona are included, with easy directions to each, that reflect work alongside the printed map design. 




To test the needs for this application, I used various wayfinding apps for public transportation and noted what was helpful and what could be improved upon based on ease of use and functionality. I relied not only on data, but personal experience, having traveled to Barcelona. I thought about what would have been helpful when I was there, such as walking directions from stops to sites, pop-ups of what site is nearby, and information you may not know as a tourist such as the Ramblas is a full street and not one specific site. I also utilized personal testimonials of traveler frustrations with existing products. 


The prototype includes functions such as directions, saving favorite places, loading, reloading and using your metro card through the app, time until next train arrives, time to next stop and final stop, current location, nearby attractions, a list of and directions to top sites, a profile to create a social aspect, an overview of all lines, trip planner, and much more. Everything was planned to make the traveling experience for both locals and tourists as easy and informative as possible. 

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