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Oil and ink on canvas


Painting inspired from lucid dreams recorded before falling asleep each night for a month. 

The imagery ranges anywhere from a donut with spikes, to a caged piece of pizza, a caveman burning money. This exercise was a fun one for me since I've been telling friends about these lucid visions for years, but now have artwork demonstrating my strange, dare I say, talent?


If you're anything like me, sometimes your mind spins, especially at night. My mind is especially active at night, and since I can remember, I've uses games and sound to calm my mind in order to fall asleep. But sometimes, when I'm very tired, my mind starts running and images of nonsense flow through my head like a strange video reel. This illustrative painting represents this experience drawn within in a sleeping silhouette. 

For a few months, I took audio recordings and barely legible notes noting the imagery from these lucid states. The blank white background surrounding the sleeping silhouette represents the stillness outside the body and the appearance of calm to an outside observer. The colors inside the silhouette represent the vibrant mental gymnastics inside my body and are filled with the vivid images playing through my head. 

IMG_4077 copy_smaller.jpg
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