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Lucid Dreaming

Oil and ink on canvas of personal recorded lucid dreams.

If you're anything like me, sometime your mind spins, especially at night. Since I can remember, I've had to use tools to calm my mind night in order to fall asleep, but sometimes, when I'm very tired, my mind starts to get confused and images of nonsense flow through my head. This illustrative painting represents said nonsense drawn within in a sleeping silhouette.

For a few weeks I took recordings and barely legible notes trying to remember the imagery from these lucid states. I painted the silhouette on a blank white background to represent the stillness outside my body. The rainbow gradient inside the silhouette represents the vibrant mental gymnastics going on inside my body.

The imagery ranges anywhere from a donut with spikes, to a caged piece of pizza, a caveman playing cards and so on. This exercise was a fun one for me since I've been sharing these lucid visions with friends for years, but now have a piece of art showcasing my, err, dreams.


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